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Why Choose us?

The Barrie Urology Group is a collaborative practice of the urologists Dr. Cory Hartsburg, Dr. Andrew Ra, Dr. Kirsten Foell and Dr. Robert Leslie. We help people in the Barrie and surrounding areas with a wide range of urological issues. We strive to provide exceptional care.
Urologists help patients in a variety of ways. From reassurance, diet and lifestyle suggestions, medications, to surgical treatments, we can offer relief. Urologists can access nearly anywhere in the urinary tract with miniaturized scopes, and perform minimally invasive, laparoscopic (“keyhole”) surgery.

Our Services

Urology is a surgical specialty involved in the treatment of conditions of the urinary tract in men and women, and in the reproductive tract in men. Urologists care for patients of all ages, with a variety of conditions. Common types of urologic problems include:
  • Stones
  • Cancers (kidney, prostate, bladder, testicular, penile)
  • Prostate conditions
  • Infections
  • Urinary dysfunction/incontinence (including neurologic conditions)
  • Male sexual health
  • Male infertility
  • Children’s urinary and genital problems


  • How can I be meet with Drs. Foell, Ray, Hartsburg or Leslie?

    An appointment to meet with Dr. Foell, Ray, Hartsburg or Leslie will be made once a written referral is received from another physician. The urologist will review all new referrals and prioritize them in order of medical urgency. Your referring physician will inform you of your initial appointment, and the BUG office will contact you prior to your first appointment.
  • How can I be prepared for my appointment?

    You must bring a valid Ontario health card to every appointment. Please bring a complete list of all of your medications (both prescription and over-the-counter), and be prepared to answer some questions about your medical history. Your urologist will have access to all X-ray and imaging studies at RVH and in Barrie, but not at other facilities- for imaging done elsewhere, please bring a CD (disc) of the CT scan or MRI images.
  • Do I need a new referral if I have seen one of the urologists in the past?

    If you have been seen by one of the BUG urologists in past 12 months, you can contact us directly for an appointment. Otherwise, we would be happy to see you again, but a new referral your doctor will be needed.
  • Is there free parking for my appointment?

    The Royal Court Medical Centre has free parking onsite for you while you are seeing us. Please note that, for appointments for procedures or imaging (XRays, CT, etc.) at the Royal Victoria Hospital, you will need to park on hospital property.
  • Is there a pharmacy on the premises?

    Yes, there is a Pharmasave on the first floor.
  • How can I get a note for work? I need disability forms filled out for work for my illness/recovery from surgery.

    Documentation can be completed by your urologist. A fee will be charged. You will be contacted once the forms have been completed- you can either pick them up, or we can mail them to you.
  • I am waiting to meet Dr. Foell, Dr. Ray, Dr. Hartsburg or Dr. Leslie for the first time. How long will it take?

    Each urologist personally reviews all new referrals, and prioritizes them by the medical urgency. Your family physician (or other referring physician) will contact you with your appointment date and time.
  • Where can I get my labwork done?

    Any lab will do, but there is a LifeLabs on the first floor.